Building on a tradition of providing quality health care facilities to our communities, the Metrocrest Hospital Authority is dedicated to enabling health services including education, prevention, early detection and treatment. Effective oversight and management of our business will provide the resources necessary to accomplish these goals.

The Metrocrest Hospital Authority is uniquely organized and positioned to proactively address the health needs of our communities.

Underlying all of our efforts is an unwavering commitment to improve the well being of all our citizens with innovative, high quality and compassionate services.

"To make our hospitals places where residents of our community want to be hospitalized, where doctors and staff would like to be admitted and where they want their families to be admitted."
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Meet the MHA Board of Directors
Executives from through out the MetroPlex working together to.. improve life for North Texans.

The Metrocrest Hospital Authority (MHA) was created in December, 1975 by the City of Farmers Branch under Chapter 262 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, The Texas Municipal Hospital Authority Act.

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